Treat Yo Self

Who’s ready to treat themselves? 

Like most people, I’m on a budget (no shocker there).  Hence why, I take every opportunity to indulge in free events, discounted deals and special offers. Lucky for us, July and August, better known as Miami Spa Month around here, is the glorious time of the year when the best spas in the 305 open their doors at a marked down price.

Every year I make a list of the most fabulous hotel spas and then attempt to cross off as many of them as I can. If you’ve never taken advantage of Miami Spa month, choosing a location can seem a bit overwhelming at first. Luckily, I’ve got your to-do list to begin the process:

  • Begin by narrowing down a day you’d like to go, and scroll through the list of 43 participating spas that are open on that given day. Keep in mind, not all spas offer weekend access.
  • Select your favorite treatment. Treatments begin at $109, and does not include tax or tip.
    • To compare, you’re saving an average of $50 to $75 during Spa Month versus going on any given day.
  • Call the spa & book your relaxing day! Make sure to let them know you are booking as part of Miami Spa Month.

Tip 1: I suggest picking a spa that grants you access to the full resort. What’s the point of getting pampered if you can’t end the day poolside with a fancy drink in your hand?

Number 1 on my list always ends up being Lapis: The Spa at Fontainebleau. I think I’ve gone every year since I learned about Spa Month. This year, Mychael and I planned on celebrating our 3-year anniversary by getting massages and spending the day at the resort. Unfortunately, Lapis’ famed rain room was under construction and that’s basically our number 1 reason for going. We ventured out and ultimately made appointments for The Spa at The Confidante.

Tip 2: Get there early! In the past I picked early morning spa appointments and then made my way to the pool; however, the best chairs are taken by then. This year we switched it up, booked late-afternoon appointments and started our morning with poolside sangria. Most massages are only 50 minutes for $109, but for the same price we received an additional 30 minutes. Yes, please.

Drinks and a poolside lunch, followed by Swedish massages for a whopping 80 minutes had us in a state of pure bliss on their open-air rooftop spa.  The spa staff was great and even gave us champagne to celebrate our anniversary.

The one drawback from this particular spa was that it did not include amenities such as Jacuzzis or saunas. If you’re interested in having access to those kind of amenities, refer back to your list and try again.


Below are some of the other deals I’ve had my eye on:


Do you have your list ready? Have your eye on another spa deal I missed? Comment below, I’m always open to expanding my selections. I might even play hookie and do a spa day in the middle of the week. (Sorry to my boss if you’re reading this!)

Put on your fluffy robe, slippers and grab the cucumbers for a relaxing day at the spa.

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