Peeled to Perfection

If you follow me on Instagram stories, a few weeks back I tested out a new peel and my skin went nuts. So I tend to stay away from peels just in case. Recently, Influenster sent me the Erno Laszlo Dual Phase Vitamin C Peel for free to test out.

I was like….great, another terrible reaction coming by way. Thankfully, I was wrong and very much surprised.

I had never heard of Erno Laszlo before receiving these products and decided to dive in and have a spa day in my home.

Step 1: I cleansed and toned my skin. Click here to view which cleansers and toner I use.
Step 2: Take the Exfoliant Vitamine C Step 1 orange scrub and add it all over your face. Scrub for 3 minutes. This. Smells. AMAZING.
Step 3: From the Exfoliant Vitamine C Step 2, take a few drops of the oil and massage onto your skin for a minute.
Step 4: Wash your face and gently pat dry. And sis, you’re ready to slay your day.

I really liked this product, it gently exfoliated and left my skin brighter and as smooth as a babies bottom. Mostly, I love how quick it works. If you’re in a time crunch, this 5 minute mask will have your skin rejuvenated in no time.

Have you tried this peel or any Erno Laszlo products before? Comment below with your thoughts!

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