Fallin’ In Miami

It’s 80 degrees in October. So how does a Miamian do fall you might you ask?

Since Miami doesn’t believe in having seasons but stores all around us insist on pushing their fall wardrobe on us, we have to adapt. I’d love to roam through a pumpkin patch with big knit sweaters and knee high boots but I’ll probably pass out from the heat.

Well into November you can still find many of us in cut off shorts and flip flops.

But if you’re anything like me and are dreaming of a fall wardrobe, here are some pieces that are friendly for those of us in a warmer climate.

Easy way to fake a fall wardrobe is within the color schemes you go for. I add a lot of burgundy and/or olive pieces and sweater tanks to my wardrobe.

Comment with your fall wardrobe musts below!

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